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                                                                Run With Purpose 2017

                                                                 Building Loan Fundraiser

           Pastor Dennis Garman


I NEED YOUR HELP!! I am blending two of my passions together, Bethesda Christian Church and running, to raise money to pay toward Bethesda’s building loan. I will not receive any of this money, 100% of your donation will go toward the principle of the loan, not to make a payment. I will however receive a lot of good exercise.
This pledge to pay per miles I run for the year 2017 must be above your regular tithe to your church.

Here is how it works:
There will be three levels of involvement. Your pledge will be for every 100 miles I run.

Bronze level - $10.00 per 100 miles
Silver level - $50.00 per 100 miles
Gold level - $100.00 per 100 miles

Last year (2016) I ran 1055 miles. My goal for 2017 is to run 1200 miles.
I will be posting my progress so you can follow along. You can pay per 100 miles or wait and pay once at the end of the year. If you write a check make it out to Bethesda Christian Church with a note or in the memo “Run With Purpose” and send to 3262 Mt. Tabor Rd. Waverly, Ohio 45690. If you give cash put it in envelope and mark the same way. Either way I am very thankful for your help with this endeavor. At the end of the year each donor will receive a certificate of appreciation.

Please consider teaming with me on this journey. It’s a 1200 mile trip, Lord willing.

Run With Purpose,
Dennis Garman


Miles Ran to Date: 1004

Total Amount Pledged: $400

Last Updated on : 09/27/2017


Thank you to our Donors

David Ray Rodney and Pam Johnson
Beth and Howard Yates Susan Hutchison
Krysta Yates Anonymous donors
Jim and Linda Wise Josh and Dana Shelley
Tim Remington Chuck and Sherry Henneberger
Tod and Pam Dempsey Selena Colburn
Lee and Joan Stephens Sam and Chris Henneberger
Josh and Kelley Pate Dennis and Joanne Garman
Tony Skaggs  
   How can you get involved?

           1.  Pray

            2. Fill out Pledge Card by clicking here

     What if I don't feel comfortable filling out the form online?

            1. We will have pledge cards available at the church.  Just pick one up fill it out and drop it in the offering box.

            2. Don't attend Bethesda Christian Church but still want to donate.  Just send us an email and we will email you the form.

     How will I know how much I owe?

           We will keep a spreadsheet of everyone that donates.  You can either pay per 100 miles or at the end.  Then you can either

             send a check to the church or bring in a check or cash to the church.


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